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Not always as it seems, the Haku can assume different forms to be most beneficial to its’ master. Each corner of the tarp has a grommet so the poles can be moved to help shed rain and move your shade with the sun.  The Haku can be your extra outdoor space or shelter from the elements.

Tarp, track, poles, straps, stakes and bags included

The Haku spans a length of 18′ by 10′



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Haku – Dragon Fly Tarps – Van Tarp

Add some comfort to your next adventure.

The Haku is great for giving you extra space without extra modifications.  Take it on your next adventure.

Stay out of the sun and rain while you cook or enjoy the morning view from the comfort of your rig.

Each corner has a grommett to allow the poles to move to adapt to the moving sunshine or help shed the rain.

This Haku is a lightweight shelter that provides more livable space without the bulk of cumbersome awnings.

It is removable and requires very little remodeling to your prized overland rig.


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Black, Blaze Orange, Charcoal Gray, Foliage, Morrocan Blue, Olive Yellow, Robin Egg Blue, Royal Purple, Swiss Red

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Acid Green, Black, Black Coffee, Copper, Cream, Daffodil, Deep Sage, Dress Blue, Electric Blue, Forest Green, Golden Brown, Hot Red, Light Silver, Milk Chocolate, Navy, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Olive Gray, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Shocking Pink, Silver, Spruce, Tornado Blue, Torrid Orange, Turftan, Vivid Blue

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Promaster 136, Promaster 159, Promaster 159Ex, Sprinter 144, Sprinter 170, Sprinter 170Ex, Transit 130, Transit 148, Transit 148 EX, Winnebago Solis Pocket, Winnebago Solis

2 reviews for Haku – Van Tarp

  1. Sean Michael

    We mounted a Haku on our 144 Sprinter after seeing that more actual van companies (e.g., TouRig) use these Dragonfly Tarps on their own rigs. But what sealed the deal was seeing how rugged the tarps are, and the outstanding personal service Matt and his crew give. As a river runner, I’ve see the importance of burly tarp systems to handle storms. Little surprise that Dragonfly is rooted in whitewater, too,. The quality, style and attention to detail shows it. Confession: we also have a Dometic 9500 electric-powered awning on the same van. Why? We wanted the convenience and speed of the Dometic (which is cool), but soon realized a) it isn’t cut out for high winds (instead it auto-retracts like a turtle into its shell) and b) rain comes down between the Dometic mount and the van…so the doorway gets rain/snow inside. In contrast, the Haku literally seals to the van roof, creating its own gutter system, and has withstood 34-40mph sustained winds (mounted on leeward side) down on the beaches of Baja. Its ingenious shock strap system allows for the vehicle to lean with gusts, maintaining tension and thus not yanking anchors our (or putting excess pressure on the rail mount–which is actually pretty simple to secure and bomber). So if you overland or just want a true all conditions tarp, the Haku is highly recommended. Only caveats: slipping the tarp into the rail mount requires a couple tries to get accustomed to how it’s easiest to do, and having two people for setup makes the poles etc easier to manage.

  2. Judy Clarke

    We bought a Haku from Matt at the big bear van expo. It was nice to have Matt mount it on our 144 sprinter van because there was a little bump or contour that Matt was able to deal with.
    We recently went beach camping at San Elijo with the family for a week. The Revel came with an awning but we have had several issues with the wind coming up suddenly at the beach and having the awning not retract as it should. That is a pretty scary experience.
    The weather was less than ideal and one night we did have 35 mile an hour gusts. It would have been a sad week without the Haku. We pulled the picnic table under the tarp and were able to do meal prep and eating no matter what the weather. Our neighbors easy up was destroyed and we had to help take it down at 4 AM.
    The positioning of poles and straps was intuitive. No instructions required. I did not understand the shock cord component of the straps until I saw the Haku in action during wind gusts.
    We are interested in learning the best way to store the tarp in between outings. Thank you for making such a versatile shelter.

    Response from Dragon Fly: “The tarp will store nicely in the carry bag. You can re-fold it or stuff it. Whichever way suits you best. It’s best to put it away dry though. Happy Adventuring!”

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