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River Running, Picnicking, Jeep, Van, RV,  & Camper - Dragon Fly Tarps will Protect you from Rain or Sun

The many looks and uses of the Dragon Fly Tarp.

All-Weather Protection

Dragon Fly offers serious weather protection from the  pouring rain or blazing sun, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Built by Outdoors & Whitewater Enthusiasts

Designed & built in Idaho to be a light weight shelter that could utilize a rafter’s equipment or be used with our custom Poles. Weighing approx. 7-12 Lbs.

Rugged Construction

Constructed out of Waterproof Coated High-Grade, Light Weight, Ripstop Nylon. Ruggedly built with heavier/thicker reinforced corner patches, steel rings & 1-inch cam buckles.

Custom Design? No Problem!

Our standard Dragon Fly Tarps are:

18 ft. x 25 ft. Pendragon,

18 ft. x 20 ft. Apalala and

18 ft. x 18 ft. Drakon.

Your custom wishes are our pleasure - whether you need a different size, colors (either tarp, trim and/or corner patch) - anything could be easily customized - please refer to our custom order form.


We will Build Your Own Customized Dragon Fly Tarp

Choose your own Size, Shape, Fabric Color, Trim Color, Patch Color, Logo Color, and more...  We can even use your own personalized logo!

Prices start at only $250.-

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Dragon Fly Tarps are designed and built in Arco, Idaho, by whitewater rafting enthusiasts, having you in mind, so you too would be able to enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the weather, rain or shine.

Dragon Fly Tarps were created out of the Inventor's desperation for serious weather protection while camping on the river.

He didn’t want to get caught in the pouring rain or blazing sun and he believes that neither should you.

Take cover under the well designed Dragon Fly Tarp and enjoy the protection it provides.

Keep your tent or kitchen area protected.  Enjoy congregating together for evening entertainment or a shady/dry lunch.

Dragon Fly Tarps were invented as light weight shelters, that utilize equipment that any rafter would have on hand, such as 1″ cam straps and oars.

The Tarps have since evolved, and are now thoroughly enjoyed by many diverse outdoor enthusiasts.

Our traditional users are river rafting companies and lovers of the outdoors.

Some of our newer users are School Sports Teams (great protection during track meets, ball games, picknicks, trekking and other outdoor activities), Boy & Girl Scouts, Family Reunions, and anyone with a travelling vehicle - from the smallest jeeps, vans and campers to the wide variety of RVs .

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