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Dragon Fly Tarps
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 by Donald Sharaf
Victor, ID 83455
Review Title: Pendragon

WOW! The quality of the Pendragon Tarp blew me away. I expected the tarp to be excellent having seen one in use before, but the stuff sacks are equally river-tough. Piping along ALL the seams will keep the main stuff sack and the stake/strap bag from blowing out. Rarely do you see that attention to detail these days. Set-up was as easy as possible around rocks , large diameter ponderosa pines and clumps of willow/alder. Makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of using straps before. We used the fly to cover both the kitchen and the seating area on a recent Middle Fork Salmon trip and it was a pleasure to have so much room. We had 9'6 oars for the ridge and used 8' oars from a small raft for one of the sides to keep good head room and have good views of the river and mountains beyond the drip-line. With the amount of surface area on the tarps we were able to fill our jerry cans with water after half an hour of rain (capturing the water in large pots off the corners). I can't say enough good things. Thank you!

 by Sean C
Review Title: Dragon Fly Haku For the Win!

Picked this up for a Sprinter 144" High roof. Love how simple it is to pack away but provides so many great options for adjusting to provide privacy, rain shelter and blocking the sun. It's a bit intimidating putting a few holes in the roof but as long as you use the lap sealant you should have no issues. This is a much easier solution that a large awning the when you don't need it the aluminum track is barely viewable. The material seems top notch and the poles are extra beefy. I would not hesitate to recommend this as a great option for the van life folks.

 by C Wilder
Glacier, Wa
Review Title: GREAT tarp!

Just received my awning extension tarp in an incredibly short turn around from order date and got it set up. Going to be a game changer for foul weather camping. Well engineered to be versatile, rugged materials, quick intuitive setup. Well suited to my Fiamma80s.

Thanks Dragonfly!!

 by Nate Parson
Hood River, OR, 97031
Review Title: Best solution out there

I love our new Haku tarp! I had been looking into options for months and trying to find an awning that could block the sun and withstand strong winds in the Columbia Gorge where we live. I considered many options but I couldn't be happier with our Dragon Fly Tarp. The design makes so much sense and it can be packed away in a small bundle when not in use. I especially like how the rain doesn't enter our van since one side of the tarp is connected directly to the van with the provided aluminum channel. Also, the color options are fun because you can combine them any way you choose. I selected a gray tarp with black patches and blue trim. It looks slick on our gray Ford Transit van!

 by Douglas Olson
Review Title: Top Design, Quality Construction and Terrific Service

We purchased a custom Haku Tarp earlier this year and couldn't be happier. The tarp performs perfectly, the fit and finish is superb and the service was timely and outstanding. Love this tarp. Yes a bit pricey some would say, but you pay for great design and a quality product. There is an old saying.. you get what you pay for.....this one is the best! Thanks to every one at Dragonfly who helped to put the finishing touch on our van. AND they ship to Canada!

 by Katie Pernick
Review Title: More then worth it!

We used a Dragon Fly tarp in June on the Yampa and were amazed at how easy it was to set up. We've been running rivers for 20 years and have never had such an efficient tarp and have spent some time fighting tarps in windy and rainy conditions. The Dragon Fly was easy tarp to put up in a gusty storm and then kept us dry during the down pour that followed. We were grateful!

Upon getting off the river we knew we needed a Dragon Fly tarp of our own for our next river trip coming up. When I ordered our tarp I didn't realize we were looking at a 2 week window with July 4th in the middle of that time frame. When I reached out to Dragon Fly they reacted quickly and sent the tarp overnight to make sure we had it for our next trip. All of my communications with Dragon Fly were answered quickly. We were again grateful for our Dragon Fly tarp as our next trip was hot and several camp sites were without shade. We fit 13 people in chairs and sitting in the sand under the Apalala shade without difficulty (although in a rain storm this wouldn't have worked as some people were outside the edges of the tarp).

When ordering from Dragon Fly you get great customer service and a fantastic tarp. I highly recommend this product.

 by Kenneth D Sanchez
Review Title: Outstanding Craft and function

I just mounted up my new Dragon Fly tarp on my Fiamma Awning. What a great product, really really well made from the sewing, material, to beefy grommets and stakes, etc etc. Really worth the price as I am sure this will stand up to some field abuse. Thanks Matt and Stephanie!!

 by Erik Nystrom
Boise, Idaho
Review Title: Functional Sprinter Awning - Haku

Purchased a Haku tarp this Spring for our 144" High-roof Sprinter and could not be happier! The installation was simple and the set-up and take-down is as well. The people at Dragon Fly are wonderful, handling multiple questions before my purchase.

Installation tip for those with a High-roof Sprinter: For our installation, we parked the Sprinter along side a pickup truck. We then used the bed and tailgate as our work platform. That made the installation super easy. My friend and I did not have to move step ladders along the van as we worked.

We have used the tarp several times and have already made references to several interested in purchasing a similar tarp for their rigs. Keep up the good work!

See you out there...

 by Dave Moore, Prescott, AZ
Review Title: I was amazed at the high quality of the tarp, the seams, the accessories and the ease of putting it up and taking it down!!!

I bought the large Pendragon tarp from dragonfly tarps in the Spring of 2018, and I was amazed at the high quality of the tarp, the seams, the accessories and the ease of putting it up and taking it down.

I ordered through their website, and it was very easy. I was able to specify what colors I wanted, uploaded my company's logo, and also bought their custom poles.

After ordering I had a small question, and Matt (the owner) answered me immediately (no receptionist or "press 1" to get to someone). He clarified it to me with no problem at all. This is what I call great customer service!

Everything came in in a very timely manner, considering that everything about it was custom - colors, logo, etc.

I thought it would/might be hard to put it up, but it was extremely easy. I did it on my own, and it took less than 5 minutes. Wow!

And, the size is phenomenal - it's the largest I was able to find anywhere.

Since we got it, I took it on a few of our outdoor excursions. On one of them, we were hit with very high winds. Everything blew away, but the dragonfly tarp stayed in place, as if the weather did not bother it at all. Obviously, after the wind slowed down, everyone else around us came to see, admire and inquire about where I got the tarp. I was very happy to give them Dragonfly's information and website.

Oh, I'm also considering calling them next month, to order a custom tarp for my camper. I've been saving for it, and I'll be placing my order next month. I can't wait to get it and use it during our next trip.

 by Sarah Acree
Review Title: We love Dragonfly Tarps!

We love Dragonfly Tarps! We are incredible impressed with the construction and design of the tarps.

They are durable and built to be used in harsh conditions and we have definitely put it to the test.

We have used our tarp on river trips and camping trips and have loved the protection and shade it provides.

We really like the cam buckles that are used for tie downs.

They make the tarp very easy to rig in a hurry.

We could not be happier with our tarp!

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