We love Dragonfly Tarps!  We are incredible impressed with the construction and design of the tarps.  They are durable and built to be used in harsh conditions and we have definitely put it to the test.  We have used our tarp on river trips and camping trips and have loved the protection and shade it provides.  We really like the cam buckles that are used for tie downs.  They make the tarp very easy to rig in a hurry.  We could not be happier with our tarp!

Sarah Acree

We’ve had our tarp built by Dragonfly Tarps for about ten years and it has held up for 6 Grand Canyon raft trips, twice that many Middle Fork of the Salmon and two Lower Gorges of the Main Salmon trips as well as many other multi-day trips.  It is remarkably easy to set up using either our raft oars with extensions we bought for that very reason or with standard composite military surplus stacking tent poles for when we’re use in situations other than river trips.  It sets up easily with standard 1 inch cam straps and ground stakes.  For setting up in sand we often use a deadman (log or other such device buried in the sand about 2 feet deep) on days when we expect strong winds, otherwise the stakes work well enough in sand.  The material is rugged and we’ve just recently re-waterproofed it with spray-on waterproofing and seam waterproofing compound.  Our large tarp in 18′ x 25′ and we also have a smaller Dragonfly Tarp measuring 15′ square we often use for shade on a Grand Canyon trip at lunchtime.  It sets up easily and quickly and comes down just as easily and quickly.  In addition to our tarps we have a custom-built rain fly that fits over our 17 1/2 foot raft so we can convert the raft to a solid surface and sleep on it, even when rain threatens.  Like the tarps the rain fly attaches directly to our raft with cam straps.  Often other rafters who see our rain fly and tarps land to ask us about them.  They are very visually impressive and I’ve given out the contact information for Dragonfly Tarps many times on rivers to people expressing an interest.  All of they teams we’ve bought from Dragonfly Tarps are of exceptionally high quality in both material and workmanship.  I can’t possibly recommend their products any more highly.

John (Gordo) Henderson

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