About Us

DSCN0188I fell in love with the outdoors and especially the river at a young age with a lot of influence from my parents. I have also enjoyed sharing that love with others and so spent several summers working as a river guide. Over the years, I noticed that if we could manage to keep everyone dry in the rain and cool in the sun, the trip would be spectacular.

The idea for Dragon Fly began in 2003, when I began to sew up my own tarps and rainflys because I could not afford what was currently on the market and I felt that I could make some improvements to suit my needs. I built one and it worked pretty good as well as a little flashy. I brought it on a river trip and a few of my friends liked what they saw and I built one for each of them. Then one afternoon I got a call saying how much they liked the tarp, but could I make it bigger, so I started drawing. I came up with a design that has held up to years of abuse and is turning heads on the river.

I would like to thank my dad for his ideas and support for my rainflys and all of the research and development that he has done for me over the years.

Interested in the Dragon Fly Tarp or have questions?